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About CatalyseR Bhopal

Bhopal, known as the city of lakes, is a popular educational hub in India. CatalyseR entered the capital of Madhya Pradesh in 2013 with a vision of serving the conducive JEE/Medical training to all aspiring students of Bhopal.

The city was in a strong need of an institute which could sharpen student’s caliber and prepare them to yield the substantial results. And here came the CatalyseR with a zeal to pump up the excitement amongst each and every potential candidate and providing them with the best of the professional training within their vicinity. Count on our words, Bhopal took it really seriously and the students have given overwhelming response to us. They’ve not only believed in CatalyseR and its education system but have also started becoming a part of CatalyseR’s legacy of best results, from the very first batch in Bhopal.

M.P. Nagar Zone-2, the preeminent area of Bhopal, now boasts the existence of CatalyseR in its territory. The center is well equipped with facilities such as spacious air-conditioned rooms and library, CatalyseR House Bhopal Center provides a conducive and excellent learning environment to students. The Center also has a ‘Student help cell’ to help students solve their queries and problems from the core. Faculties are always available on the center for doubt clearing and guiding the students whenever required. The CatalyseR House Bhopal Center also has a ‘Student portal’ which provides an excellent platform to students to give various mock tests, clearing up doubts and queries, providing feedback, to read relevant study and test materials, updates on Campus/ Center notices, current affairs, interesting facts and relevant online videos.  In order to ensure the sincerity and punctuality, the CatalyseR House Bhopal Center has a ‘Magnetic Attendance System’ with students in-punch and out-punch messages being delivered to parents instantly. We are thankful to every student and their parents in Bhopal for showing trust on CatalyseR who are now working sincerely and hard to ensure their career is on the right track with excellent results. More About CatalyseR

IIT JEE and NTSE Topper’s in Bhopal

Catalyser is the best IIT JEE & NTSE coaching institute in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over the years Catalyser had the best IIT Jee & NTSE results in Bhopal. Below is a list & results of few of the Catalyser’s students who have topped various exams over the years.

Sharvik Mital        JEE(Advanced) 2016     Bhopal Topper
Kinjal Saxena       JEE(Advanced) 2016      Bhopal Topper
A.V Sager             JEE(Advanced) 2015      Bhopal Rank 3
Piyush Mehrotra   JEE(Mains) 2015            Bhopal Topper

About Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and the administrative headquarters of Bhopal district and Bhopal division. Bhopal is known as the City of Lakes for its various natural as well as artificial lakes and is also one of the greenest cities in India. It is the 17th largest city in the country and 131st in the world. Well connected to all major cities in India through Air and Rail network, Bhopal has been developing at a very fast pace, attracting tourism as well as aspiring candidates for a flourishing career.


QUS.- Jee Advanced 2017 paper is set by IIT Madras, will the questions be different this time.
ANS.- This is a general trend that has been observed since past many years.  So nothing to worry. This is the beauty of the IIT exam, that every time pattern of paper and questions are different.

QUS.- What are the things I should know about IIT Jee before joining catalyser.
ANS.- Take an example to understand the concept behind the coaching at CatalyseR there were days when their was a single coach in Indian Cricket Team but now you will find their are separate coaches for bating, balling, fielding, why it is so because now level of competition is raised to such a great level that in every aspect you need a expert guidance to sharp the edges in the field and therefore in the same way preparing for IIT is not just understanding the things and taking an examination it is more than that, which can he understood only after getting training under those mentors who have gone through the process many a times and yield many top ranks.

QUS.- Can you share study schedule of Sharvik Mital.
ANS.- Every student is different. Some students find themselves comfortable studying late night whereas some find comfortable studying early morning. Therefore, their can not be very hard and fast schedule that every student should follow more than that keep it simple that target on number of question for eq. 50 question per day student should solve i.e., 50 for Physics, 50 for Chemistry, 50 for Maths. Now it is upto you which time and which way you are comfortable with this is the minimum, but if student wants to raise his standard, he can select the number of question with his own.

QUS.- Is IIT Jee coaching worth it? How can catalyser help me.
ANS.- IIT’s not only groom the student for particular subject or should say acad. rather IIT groom the student in 3600 it is an overall development of student in every aspect. Therefore every good student or good brain who want to develop himself in all manner, should go for IIT.     a great hard work is required to enter into the gates of IIT’s, and the only thing one should prepare before starting IIT preprati IIT, are one of the best place for a student to groom and    they should mentally prepared to put in the best effort, they should ready to leave their comfort zone bec.  Until and unless you put an effort you develop you skills. You cannot get better marks, better ranks in this competition because you are competiting with best brains of India.

QUS.- How is catalyser better than the competition.
ANS.- There are three aspects that any of the organization should measure upon :
(1) Result (2) System (3) Consistency
So I guess in terms of results if I say, we are at national record for all the examinations right from NTSE to IIT. It itself suggest until and unless system is not good. Then this consistency and spectrum of results would not have been possible. And this record is just after intake of 450 students which you can not see even second example of such performance at India level and for system just, say one thing parents and students should come at CatalyseR and attend the counseling process of CR then they ………….will find the difference.

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